Sunday, January 19, 2014

We're almost there

I had another appointment yesterday (Saturday). The scan went well, the blood draw was okay and we entered the tight-rope walk that is me during fertility treatments.
After the scan and lab results came back, we weren't sure what the instructions from the doc were going to be. We ended up having another appointment this morning, and another tomorrow. Jon and I are pretty sure that we'll end up triggering tomorrow night with an IUI on Wednesday.

1/12/201477.08 Multi-layered215.2125
1/14/201497.5 Multi-layered445.9125
1/16/2014118.7 Multi-layeredL: 9.93, 9.26, 8.98; R: 9.54, 8.2987.975
1/18/2014139.27 Multi-layeredL: 14.4, 13.65, 13.16, 11.67, 11.6; R: 12.94, 12.34, 11.16, 11.04, 10.88, 9.62353.725
1/19/2014149.13 Multi-layeredL: 16.1, 13.22, 12.94,12.42, 11.28; R: 14.83, 13.03, 12.98, 12.42, 12.162391.725

So, we have the lead follicle at 16.1, but we also have one at 14.83...which is getting to be pretty similar to when we triggered for Gus' and Tittle's cycle. Though my E2 skyrocketed from 1/16 to 1/18, it hasn't increased much in one day, but we did have a break-away follicle, so we're happy about that. I'm also hoping that my E2 doesn't increase a bunch more, because we have to be concerned with OHSS.

I'm trying to stay calm about this whole thing, but I'm beginning to get nervous. I think, overall during the stim phase, I've stayed relatively calm, but I don't know what the TWW will be like. I'm hoping I can just stay calm, focus on drinking my water, getting exercise in when I can, having fun with Jon and Gus and get through the TWW without stressing out like I did this past summer.

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