Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stupid F***ing Weather

I ordered my follistim and ovidrel yesterday for delivery today because my first injection is tonight. Delivery was supposed to happen by 3pm (15 minutes ago). Where are my meds? Indianapolis.

I've just spent the last hour on the phone trying to figure all this out. At the end of it all, here's where everything stands.
  • Severe weather caused substantial flight and sort disruptions at multiple hubs last night (Indy, Memphis and Ft. Worth).
  • My package was last scanned in Indy this afternoon.
  • The FedEx distribution facility in my town would allow me to pick up my package this evening if it arrived.
  • There are no flights leaving Indy, so there's no way to get the package to me.
I have a leftover cartridge of follistim in the fridge from our cycle in July/August, and I think I have more than enough to do tonight's shot, but will likely not have enough to do tomorrow's. I've already called the RE's office, and they don't have any follistim to give away. They did confirm I'm good to use what's in the fridge, but if the meds don't arrive tomorrow, I'll have to try to find some follistim locally, which means I'll have to pay an outrageous price AND will not be able to return the follstim that I already paid for.

I'm so pissed. Trying to get pregnant is stressful enough, and now I can't even get the meds I need. And if I do get them locally, I'll have to outlay another few hundred dollars to get them. This is on top of the $625 I paid for the meds waiting in Indy!

Please, please, please let my meds be delivered tomorrow!


  1. That sucks! Hopefully the weather will break and you will receive your shipment! Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks. At last check it was on a truck for delivery today, but things are messed up right now. Post is being worked on with more details.